Display Games

Once again we were overwhelmed by the quality and variety of the games brought to our show.  Thanks to all the people who put in stupendous amounts of work to make such a good display.

These are the games that caught the eye of our judges.

The Best Participation game trophy went to Bill Jennings, for his Sharp Practice Napoleonic game. 

The Best Demonstration trophy was awarded to Ian Rowe and His Ghost Archipelago team, for their stunning Pirates versus Natives and Monsters game.


Tournament Games

Despite some competitions having to be scratched for lack of support, there were still four tournaments, with around 80 players.  Special thanks to the various Umpires, without whom these competitons would not be possible.

Warhammer 40K

A staple at PAW shows since the first one we ran in 2000, there were over 40 players this year, with a marvellous selection of armies on display.  Here are the placings and other awards:

  • 1st Place - Lee Caselli using Aeldari
  • 2nd Place - George McCoulough using Drukhari
  • 3rd Place - Nicolas Williams using Astra Militarum
  • Best Army - Lee Caselli for his Aeldari
  • Best Individual Model - Mike Rzasa for one of his Night Lords
  • The Cursed Die Award (Last Placed Player) - Thomas David Wildwoode 

Kings of War

Fantasy games of one sort or another have also been a popular part of the PAW tournament line-up since 2000, although the exact rule set has changed over the years. 

This year's winner was Kevin Derrington, using Undead, whilst second place went to Mathew Dewsnap, with Northern Alliance.

Field of Glory 15mm Ancients

The 2020 winner was Paul Bartlett, using Seljuk Turks.  Second was Derek Bartlett, with Later Republican Roman, and third was Les Shuttlewood, fielding Ancient Britons

Art de la Guerre 25mm Ancients

Winner was Andrew Unwin, with Gordon Jamieson second, and David Allen third.